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Smart App is a game-changing platform that unites and engages sports enthusiasts across the globe with their favorite sports.

SMART APP is a Socio-Sports platform designed to engage and connect with like-minded people in a sports environment with interactive sports content. Our platform provides users to share all their sports achievements with the world. Smart App aims to create a social media platform where sports take the spotlight and people interested in sports can connect and communicate with other sports enthusiasts. With life getting busier, sports have taken the back seat. We want to bring back the fun and make sporting fun again.

We take pleasure in becoming part of a user's daily sports life. From their memorable sports moments to their game score we will treasure all the important moments shared on our platform. Our ground-breaking features have revolutionized the socio-sports community and help users to engage and enjoy their favorite sports. The users can organize sports events, conduct team practice sessions, and upload live scorecards. They can build their personal network by engaging in interesting sports-related activities with other users.

Smart App, a new-age socio-sports platform built to connect sports enthusiasts across the world to enjoy their favorite activity-sporting.

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Easy to register

The registration process is simple and easy. Users can complete the registration process and join the app in two simple steps.

Simple to Create

The next step is creating a stellar profile and start playing with other players.

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Share your scores on your profile and inspire others to on-board and start playing.

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Smart APP Features

  • groupSocio-Sporting User Account
    Be a part of a growing network of sports enthusiasts across the globe on this socio-sports networking platform. The first step to connect and network is to create a user account. Your user account becomes your identity on this platform. Contain all the information about the sports you are interested in, statistics, matches and tournaments you have played in, along with your sports score. Download SMART APP.
    Create your sporting user account and start playing your favorite sports.
  • perm_mediaUpload Short Videos and Pictures
    Users can upload pictures and short videos on SMART APP. Uploading the sporting moments will put users in the spotlight and allow them to connect and build a network. Sharing pictures, videos will boost the user’s profile.
  • directions_runMultiple Sports
    As always, sports enthusiasts want to enjoy multiple sports on one platform. We provide our users with multiple sports like Cricket, volleyball, football and many more to score and maintain stats.
  • insert_chartMaintain Users Sports Statistics
    SMART APP socio-sports platform will maintain user’s sports statistics on their profile. Good stats will boost the users profile and put users on the center stage while engaging on field. Sports statistics will constitute the user's overall performance of different sports.
  • accessibilityTournament Organizing
    SMART APP has Tournament organizing features, allowing sports tournament organizers to select tournament format, create fixtures, schedule matches, display live score and maintain tournament statistics.
  • airplayLive Score
    The goal of our platform is to provide the players, teams with the ultimate sports experience. From communication within the teams to live score updates, the users can do anything on our platform. We strive to provide the best of both technology and sports to users. Each of the players on the platform will have a scorecard. Our live score view feature will allow players to display their live scores.
  • assistant_photoGround Slot Booking
    SMART APP has decided to take it up by a notch. We are uniting sports players and the ground owners. We have taken it upon ourselves to make ground slot booking easy for our players. With the Ground Slot Booking feature, Users can book slots for ground to play, practice with their teams regularly. Book a slot and get together with your team to play favorite sports without any interruptions.


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